A lecture on lecturingTeaching Philosophy

Preparation is a pathway to success. My philosophy is to give students the tools necessary to succeed by using basic skills and techniques. Syllabi presented to the class, with the expectations and responsibilities of each student outlined. The syllabus must clearly represent and simply state the goals of the class, test dates, assignments due and clear measurement process of each student so they can measure their own progress at anytime.  Interaction with the class will begin each session in the form of questions or commentary to encourage students to verbally participate.

I believe in the philosophy that there is more than one way to learn. A combination of oral, visual, and kinesthetic techniques will support student learning and best possible retention of information. I encourage peer interaction within the class under guided discussions. If students are able to explain concepts, I know that a student has a clear understanding and confidence in their knowledge.

My philosophy is that student success should be my priority. I believe that it is my responsibility to reach out to my students and give them the opportunity to learn the skills needed to succeed. At completion of the course take with them the confidence in themselves to apply what they have learned in ways that are most beneficial to them. The knowledge and experience they obtain from my class can be used as building blocks in their future endeavors.  As the instructor, I realize a portion of my success is measured by the success of my students.

“Share your Knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.”. – Dali Lama XIV


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