Syllabus for MPT

Here is a portion of my syllabus for my class and some example works.

Media Production Techniques – Scott Wachtel

Class Time:  9:45 – 11:15 AM

Class Location: Kolbe Hall, Room 211

Instructor Information: Email –

Required Course Material. 8 Gb Pin Drive

Recommended Course Materials:

Ascher, S., & Pinucus, E. (2013). The Filmaker’s handbook: A comprehensive guide for the Digital Age. Plume

Katz, S. (1991). Film directing shot by shot: Visualizing from concept to screen. Plume.

Rodriguez, R. (1995). Rebel Without a Crew. Plume.

Course Overview:

            This course is designed to give the student general knowledge in the practice and theories behind single camera productions. Including but not limited to digital editing principles, graphic incorporation within projects, simple lighting techniques, sound recording and principles of the three stages and those processes involving a professional production. Most importantly the successful student will have the ability to convey a message through visual communication. Students will be expected to work on projects outside of class time…It’s called “Homework” like you’ve had since the beginning of your academic career. Although project time with partners will be built into class time there will be some time needed working together outside of class. It is both parties responsibility to get the project completed.

Student Responsibilities for Success

  • Come to class with an open mind, a positive attitude looking forward to completing the challenges ahead. The constraints of the projects you will be asked to complete are done in the “real world.”
  • Attend class on time, every session. Attendance will be taken every day. Those students whose names do not appear on the university’s official class list will not be permitted to attend class, take exams or receive credit. No student will be permitted into class without prior approval.

The University of Akron Attendance Policy is described in the Undergraduate General Bulletin; the School of Communication subscribes to this policy. Complete your projects to the best of our ability prior to the deadline.


I intend this class to be an open supportive environment where ideas are cultivated and harvested with the realization of projects that can become the beginning of a professional reel to send to potential employers. If there is a concern with the workload involved with the class please feel free to contact me during office hours, post class time or in another appropriate/private manor.


  • Title Slate – will be used all semester long, yet different for each project to be built in Photoshop.  Basic Photoshop knowledge
  • Commercial Project – A 30 second persuasive nod to consumerism. Slate, blank bars and tone, timing, message – Rubric will be provided.
  • News Project 1:30-second story to be produced in ONE day. Just like the real thing find write and edit and run.
  • Rubric will be provided.
  • Short Film Project – A 3-5 Minute short film. 48 hour film fest style. Certain props, lines, dialogue, and sound efx required. Rubric will be provided.
  • Quizzes over assigned subject matter such as readings provided or proficiency of other forms of writing to my digression.

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