The University of Akron gave the time and opportunity to become more proficient in different teaching techniques and the ability to experiment with different technology available designed to deliver information. I developed a visual technichThe opportunity has also help decipher the effictive methods to deliver the important message of the day to the students, and hone my skills as a presenter of information in front of a class while allowing the observation of others in the field.

Through the time spent at Akron, a niche subject involving the Diffusion of Innovations within social media marketing will help deliver an expertise to my experience. I practice the theory written by Everett Rogers on nearly a daily basis by employing social media as a means of spreading awareness of brands and services online.. The coalition of social media in the combination of the DOI theory helped deliver that expertise with the ability to pass on the knowledge is the reason to continue on the path of communication.

My short-term goal is to find employment as an expert in my field of social media marketing that may lead to a teaching position at an accredited institution. This is my ideal pathway for an opportunity to progress in a career path leading toward a PhD. With that, the possibility of the ultimate goal of a tenured position at a university then becomes a reality. The prospective that I can help students take inhand the opportunities that they can make a difference in the world, breathes life into the inspiration to reach all these goals.


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