Radio/TV Production

Scott Bio PicI have a deep need to create video content.  This skill is also reflected in some internships. With Akron General Hospital’s Visiting Nurse Service, I was involved in producing and directing “Your Health and Wellness.” This production is a half-hour show that was produced to inform others of products and services available and shown on WCTV in Wadsworth Ohio. I also created a short piece for the Akron Art Museum entitled, “Message Matters” highlighting an installation at the museum.

Years of production experience has enabled me to pass on my knowledge to college students. I’ve had the opportunity to teach the Media Production Techniques class which had the students produce a news story,a product or service’s commercial, and a short documentary or film. I made video examples for them to follow.

I have directed sporting events in and out of college. The footage within the packages were highlights from games that I directed. Though most of these productions have been lost to the airwaves, some of the pre-game packages are still available as part of my ZipsVision sports reel.

editingLucid Vision Entertainment was my production home for many years. We produced everything from a feature film, documentaries, to shorts, music videos and commercials. We were Telly award finalist, and winners of the “Best Family Film” at the 2006 Indie Gathering. We developed characters and produced a series of webisodes including twelve episodes of a half-hour television show.

I produced a semesters worth of on-air radio programs, gained a FCC licence, and most recently produced a pregame internet streaming event including booking guests, creating live read copy for sponsors, and formatting the show. I can record and cut sound for broadcasts, create and maintain advertising logs.


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