A Marketing Plan

The following is a small excerpt of a complete plan developed for a small coffee shop.

Executive Summary

machine            This is a study of the “Town Cup,” an independent coffee shop in a Midwestern college town to discover if a social media marketing campaign would be an effective use of time and resources. It has a strong, walk-in group of regulars and a historical location of one of the first coffee houses in town. The shop has been open for two years. The main reason for analysis is to take the pulse of the business as the primary staff have recently been let go. Word-of-mouth advertising has been their only campaign. Not only are they in competition with the larger corporate coffee-house chains in the nation, there are three boutique cafes within a two-block area of their location in the town’s square. A limited number of surveys were distributed on a beautiful summer Saturday morning. Goals of the survey were to discover some of the favorite food and drink orders, visit times and online habits. Other customer opinions were taken about hours of operation as well as possible participation in weekend events.

So who is Town Cup Target market in social media? Results showed that the prospects for a designed Facebook campaign could be successful. This campaign along with the establishment of Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages would also carry parallel messages aimed more toward the younger, temporary population of the multiple higher-learning institutions in town.


Traditional Advertising

Word-of-mouth has been the cheapest and most common practice advertising method in this is college town. Other traditional advertising outlets available to complete an integrated marketing campaign are: daily and weekly local newspapers, multiple AM and FM radio stations within 20 miles, and local cable outlets that distribute commercial time for local productions and exposure on basic cable channels. These outlets all have strong followings within the majority demographic of customers.

The Social Media Campaign

Facebook would be the centerpiece to this particular business. A campaign developed to get every “fan” familiar with the Town Cup SlateVANCARMELnew staff, and gain more members into the “Town Cup Family” of regular customers.  Another arm of the campaign would be achieved by posting video segments on YouTube, (a popular platform of survey takers). Promotion of the video postings would be posts on the Town Cup Facebook page. Goals of these mini productions would introduce the new staff to the existing fans of Town Cup. The staff working the counter are the hosts in the store and the hosts for the show. After the “getting to know you” videos they can advise their friends daily on what is the Batista’s choice of the day, as well as any other food specials or events by using Instagram. These videos will be encouraged to be creative and funny. These long form YouTube videos could be done on average once a week during down time of the open store hours. These productions are envisioned as shot on a smart phone, tablet or small consumer camera that could be outlined for common messaging between platforms. Another tool would be a daily, virtual sidewalk board template developed on Photoshop listing the special messages for the day posted as pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

The goals for the shop now are to increase awareness online and increase a social media audience that would affect most popular platforms used by surveyed social media users. Cost of this campaign is a reasonable, flat monthly fee for messaging content creation, calendar setup, and monthly analytics.


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