A SWOT for a NPO

Our team assembled SWOT ANALYSIS for Stewart’s Caring Place

stewarts Strengths:

 Very solid website. Information is vast and the navigation is easy. Mission statement is easy to find.

Facebook page is informative; posting is regular and has a pretty good following.

There is a plethora of news coverage on Ohio.com. There is clearly a relationship built with local media.

Very informative and regularly published newsletter.

Huge support from those who have had contact with Stewart’s within the business community. They receive almost everything they can ask for from their “wish list”.

In addition to Facebook, they have a solid Pinterest page.


Facebook page lacks an engagement. Not a lot of commenting. A strategy to bolster engagement could help to bring awareness and increase sharing on “liker’s” walls.

Being a non-profit, a major weakness would be funding and volunteering. Without these resources, Stewart’s would be limited in the events and services that they provide.

A potential weakness could be the lack of partnership with other organizations. Although non-profit organizations can be competitive for funding, utilizing resources from other for-profit and non-profit organizations can allow for pooling of resources (volunteers, events, etc.). I could not confirm whether or not this was a reality through the media audit.

They say they serve Summit and most of the surrounding counties out of the one location. Not sure how they get into centers to promote their services.

Volunteer base is wide and temporary. Most full-time staff is part-time in hours, and some cases unpaid. This makes for a high turnover rate within the organization.

No multimedia on website. Some people like a brief video as an introduction to an organization (see similar organization’s, The Gathering Place, website). This adds a human element and adds accessibility to some people who find reading through every page of a website tedious. With other organizations competing for clientele, you want to do something that will grab them quickly and make them want to learn more.

Success of the organization is based on community and other nonprofit support.


 Although the website is informative, it lacks personality. Adding some pictures and biographies of staff, testimonials, etc. could add some warmth to the website.

There is no “news” section on the website. A section on news could highlight successes of previous events, show articles that have been written on Stewart’s Caring Places, and then shared via social media to bring more visitors to the website.

Video testimonials are powerful. Placing videos on the homepage could help to create an emotional connection with visitors

Lack of partnerships is also a great opportunity. Working with another organization or even a hospital could reach a larger audience and also provide more funding opportunities as a non-profit. There is a huge trend in granting right now when two non-profits partner for a specific project.

Expand Stewart’s footprint to those outside the cancer community in the social media world of interactive community involvement.


Threats could be considered any organization or person that threatens the effectiveness of Stewart’s Caring place. Potential threats could be competing charitable organizations, which a quick search reveals at least 7 in the Akron area. However, Stewart’s does appear to have the largest following.

Economic and organizational crises are a threat to any non-profit organization. As the economy rebounds, more funding for non-profit organizations becomes available. Organizational crises can be especially crippling. A crisis communications plan should be developed to ensure that the organization could survive such an incident.

The Caring Place’s similar model in Cuyahoga County. They mostly work in tandem, but could see a point in the future where there be a sharing of services and staff.

Other for profit businesses providing parallel services with larger advertising revenue could prove to be a threat to Stewart’s Caring Place. Consideration of further analysis of these businesses could be beneficial, following a conversation with Stewart’s Caring Place on their experience with such “competitors”.

Moving forward, this analysis needs to be discussed with Stewart’s Caring Place representatives. Additionally, a conversation surrounding the goals of the organization needs to take place, helping to shape the course of action for this campaign. Although there are many strengths that could be bolstered, weaknesses that could be addressed, opportunities that could be exploited and threats that could be planned for; it’s important to determine what the organization’s priorities are to shape the direction of this campaign.


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