Social Media Marketing

Social media audiences migrate platforms, have optimal reach during certain times of day. The platforms themselves change their rules for organic reach and have copied effective traits from other platforms. Research has proven that visual content engages fans and followers more often than those messages that do not. How can your business take advantage of the trends in social media?

My personality is adaptable to be a part of a small team or work independently to research and develop a plan, budget, enact and analyze the effectiveness of a campaign. After analysis, I adjust the messaging to begin the marketing cycle again.


wheel of social media

Where can your customers find you?

I have developed public relations plans for nonprofit organizations. The goals of the plans have involved raised awareness for fund-raising campaigns and increased attendance at fundraising events. Videos were produced to explain why the event is important to the organization, and press releases written and delivered to a compiled media list.  I developed integrated marketing campaigns for small businesses and have done numerous online media audits for local businesses. Located and interpreted each social media platform’s analytics page as well as the general search engine optimization for the business have developed into new avenues for getting noticed by potential customers. Executed marketing plans provide the opportunity for analysis and development for the next round of messaging. I bring a marketing skill set that involves visual elements, an aspect which research has proven to be an effective tool for positive customer interaction. This form of interaction can lead continuing conversation and eventually to sales conversions.


Visual composition for digital and video camera and digital layout – Photography, Editing, Visual Design

Analysis of marketing data from created surveys and usage – Excel, SPSS, CRM systems

Content creation for traditional media platforms – Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere)


I have had years of experience working in a small business market using skills in video and radio production along with a background in retail and distribution. 

I understand how the development and execution of customer surveys, along with the ability to find a customer’s potential lifetime value (CLV)  are helpful to any business with goals of surviving today’s digital marketplace.

This includes the skills and knowledge to communicate with the followers of a business’s page. I’m actively looking to engage with those businesses willing to improve upon the wide range of integrated marketing goals to reach their stakeholders. These integrated marketing campaigns can be the launching point of a long-term social media presence depending on the platform and the targeted audience.



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