About Scott


I have been a coach, college instructor, and a leader inside and outside of the classroom and office. My specialty is using social media as a tool for raising awareness of a brand or organization. Social media is the form of public, direct communication between multiple parties. No matter the most popular platform, social media will undoubtedly be the way individuals and businesses communicate for the near future. Increased adoption of smartphones only increased the accessibility for consumers and businesses to have a one on one relationship. Weekly there are news stories depicting how a brand or individual has used social media the “wrong way.” I believe there is a fine line a brand must walk to raise awareness, spreading a message via viral means and becoming a subject of online bullying by individuals and other organizations.

For small businesses, using social media platforms as a customer relationship system can give insight to understanding their behaviors and reasons for rejection or adoption of new products, services, and support viewed as important by the public. Analysis of this data has enhanced my understanding of potential customers, fans, and followers. Contact me for an analysis of your business’s digital footprint and to build a proposal for your organization.

The focus of my Masters of Arts degree in communication studies concentrated on the Diffusion of Innovation/Information, research in marketing and fundraising practices on social media by brands and nonprofit organizations. I have been involved in student marketing organization, Kanga Communication as the charter Organizational Manager also the university’s branch of American Marketing Association. I have developed customer surveys, public relations plans, completed digital audits, and developed campaigns designed to increase an organization’s awareness by incorporating the use of social media.

My roots in Radio/TV production give me the ability to incorporate production skills into these new platforms. As an award-winning director, producer, and editor, I brought stories to life on-screen. My style of storytelling is platform adaptable to Vine or Instagram. Click the links at the top right of the webpage to my personal social media platforms and pages.


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